Paint And Body






Sawaya’s 50 years of success is due to  the practice of providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. Sawaya enjoys a state of the art 60′ downdraft paint booth that can provide consistent temperatures within  the booth, enabling  our painters to take the guess work out of consistent ambient temperatures, which will adversely affect paint work. Our quality control on our finished products is second to none.

Heated downdraft paint-booth – Produces work like this.


We Specialize in Collision and Paint and Body Repair for:

Automobile, SUV’s and  PickUp Trucks, RV Motor Homes, Buses and Trailers, Dump Trucks – Water Tanks Trucks Light-Medium-Heavy Duty Trucks, Tractors – Trailers – Van Bodies, Refuse Disposal and Roll-Off Trucks


See Our Completed Paint and Body Work