Maintenance Tips on a Class A Truck

How often should you lift the hood of your Class A truck?  The answer – a lot.  The trick is to find small maintenance issues before they become much larger issues.

If you take a look underneath the hood every day, you’ll be able to spot something out of place.  Oil leaks, for example.  Or maybe you’ll notice a broken hose, or a missing clamp.  You should also give your whole truck a once over every morning, front to back, and look for any potential issues.

It’s important to keep your truck on a maintenance schedule, and have an expert periodically give it a once over.  If you wait too long, for example, to change out a filter, your truck could lose power.

It’s also vital that you keep up on your oil changes, and know the type of oil your truck uses (you can go longer between changes with a synthetic oil rather than a conventional oil).  If you put this off, you could end up with engine trouble that will be far more expensive than an oil change.

Our experts can help you keep your rig running smoothly and keep your costs down by helping you avoid big, expensive engine problems with periodic maintenance.  Just give us a call!