Clutch Adjustment – When is it Time?

Watch our video for more on clutch adjustment!

Have you noticed your clutch slipping? Maybe it feels sticky, or there isn’t enough ‘give’ when you engage the pedal?  For a clutch to be properly adjusted you need 1 to 2 inches of free-play in the clutch before it is engaged.  If the clutch is tight from the moment you engage the pedal, your clutch needs adjusting.

When we adjust the clutch, the first thing we’ll do is spin the clutch brake. This is engaged when the clutch is pressed all the way to the floor.  If it doesn’t spin, that’s a good thing. Clutch brakes will wear out if they’re engaged while the truck is moving (they’re designed to be used to initially get the truck into gear).

If you think your clutch could use an adjustment, give us a call!  A regular maintenance schedule will go a long way to avoiding costlier repairs.