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30 Years of Warranty Service!

Repairs on your vehicle can be costly and inconvenient. So when you do have to bring your truck into the shop, we do everything we can to make sure the experience is a good one.

That’s why we provide a warranty service on our repairs.  Watch the video below for more!

We also serve our customers by providing regular maintenance checks and sharing tips we’ve learned from our decades in the business.

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As always, if you’d like to set up a maintenance schedule with us, give us a call!

Truck Maintenance 101 – Learn From Our Experts!

Most of us know that the easiest way to avoid costly repairs is to keep your truck maintained.

It seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but sometimes small issues slip through the cracks, and become a much bigger problem.

That’s why we created our Truck Maintenance Advisor video!

Interested in learning more?

Click here to receive our 10 Ways to Save Money on Truck Expenses!

As always, if you’d like to set up a maintenance schedule with us, give us a call!

Checking the Cooling System on Your Truck

Let’s talk about your truck’s cooling system. Engine manufacturer Cummins estimates that about 40% of vehicle breakdowns start with an issue in the cooling system. Does that statistic surprise you?

In the past decade, cooling systems have become increasingly complex. That’s why regular maintenance checks, including monitoring DCA (Diesel Coolant Additive) levels in your antifreeze and checking your air filters are so important.

If you want to get your truck on a regular maintenance schedule, and avoid potentially costly issues or breakdowns, give us a call!

Celebrating our Customers

How do you judge the quality of a company?  One way – a loyal customer base.  We’re proud to say we have clients who have been with us for decades!  We are so glad to have earned their trust.

Take a look below at what some of our customers have to say about us.

One of the ways we show our appreciation for our great customers is by throwing a big BBQ every year!  It’s usually right before Memorial Day weekend and is our way of ‘unofficially’ kicking off summer.  We had a great turnout this year!  Check out a few highlights below.

Thank you all for your business and friendship. We hope to keep serving you for years to come.

Customer Appreciation – Who’s Ready for BBQ?

Serving our customers is one of our favorite things to do. And that extends beyond providing the best fleet repairs and paint and body service in the city.  We also like serve up big plates of BBQ (because, honestly, who doesn’t LOVE a big plate of BBQ?).

Every year, we cook up a huge, delicious customer appreciation BBQ. We love not only sharing mouthwatering food, but also, socializing with all of the people we do business with. It’s just one of the ways we like to show our clients just how much we value their trust in us.

This year, we’re kicking everything off at 11:30am on Friday, May 17th. We’ll keep it all going until we run out of food (and it’s a good idea to show up early, because the food goes fast!).

We’d love to have you join us!  Come on by our shop – 5300 Monroe St in Denver.  Hope to see you there!


Experience Counts, and We Have a Lot of It!

When it comes to servicing your fleet, you probably want someone who knows what it takes to run a truck. Someone who has a proven track record of maintaining trucks. Someone with a background you can trust.

At Sawaya Fleet Services, our two owners have decades of experience between them.  Dan Klepper worked for a leasing company for about 13 years, and has been consulting since 1987. And Dennis Poirier has been working on fleets for nearly 45 years!  Put that together with our state-of-the-art paint and body shop, and we can handle just about anything that comes up.

Our ownership knows why trucks are important to running your business.  We know what you are up against and its with that knowledge that we can make an intelligent decision for your trucking needs.

If you are looking for a quality shop to partner with to handle your fleets, give us a call.

Maintenance Tips on a Class A Truck

How often should you lift the hood of your Class A truck?  The answer – a lot.  The trick is to find small maintenance issues before they become much larger issues.

If you take a look underneath the hood every day, you’ll be able to spot something out of place.  Oil leaks, for example.  Or maybe you’ll notice a broken hose, or a missing clamp.  You should also give your whole truck a once over every morning, front to back, and look for any potential issues.

It’s important to keep your truck on a maintenance schedule, and have an expert periodically give it a once over.  If you wait too long, for example, to change out a filter, your truck could lose power.

It’s also vital that you keep up on your oil changes, and know the type of oil your truck uses (you can go longer between changes with a synthetic oil rather than a conventional oil).  If you put this off, you could end up with engine trouble that will be far more expensive than an oil change.

Our experts can help you keep your rig running smoothly and keep your costs down by helping you avoid big, expensive engine problems with periodic maintenance.  Just give us a call!

RV Weather is Coming! Are You Ready?

It is almost time to pull out your RV and get it ready for the season!  If you find that it’s lacking a bit of luster, we are ready to handle it.

As one of the only independent truck shops in the area that offers paint and body along with mechanical work, we get some challenging jobs!  Case in point – this beautiful RV camper refinish. The work on this vehicle was a custom job – the design was painstakingly redone by hand (no decals) with the base coat, several different colors and a clear coat to top it off. It was worth the time and effort.

We use top-of-the-line paint materials from PPG Products, and when coupled with our 60 foot downdraft paint booth, you just can’t argue with the results.  Just another way Sawaya Fleet serves you!

Oil Sample – A Quick Engine Checkup

You know regular oil changes are important for your engine’s health, but we like to take that a step further.  Taking a sample of your oil at the time of the oil change is something we offer (and sometimes insist on). Think of it like a blood test that a doctor would take to check for potential health issues.

Oil samples are a great way to see what is going on with your engine.  For example, we can see if there are any foreign fluids or contaminants seeping into your oil, like antifreeze or dirt.

It’s also a good way to check for wear metals (like iron, aluminum or copper) in the oil, which can be an indication that some of your engine’s parts (think, pistons or bearings) might be breaking down.

One more plus – an oil sample can help us determine the best routine for your oil and filter changes – especially with samples taken over time.

If you’re ready to get your truck on a regular ‘check-up’ schedule, give us a call!  It’s another way Sawaya Fleet Serves You.

What EPA Laws Apply to the Exhaust System in my Truck?

The exhaust system in your truck has a lot of working parts.  Because of laws and regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s illegal to remove some of those parts.

The DEF system is a part of those regulations.  DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  It’s a non-hazardous solution designed to break down emissions in the nitrogen and water, cleaning the exhaust as much as possible before it goes into the atmosphere.

Vehicle manufactures are required to make sure trucks cannot run without DEF, so when the fluid gets low, the dashboard will display several warnings (just as if the truck was running low on diesel).

If the DEF runs out, the truck is often designed to go no faster than 5 mph until the tank is refilled.

From the catalyst system to the DEF system, if they are factory-standard, they have to stay on.  Since an emissions test is required yearly in Colorado, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on these systems.

We can help you with the latest EPA standards and laws. If you have any questions on them, give us a call!