Our Mission


CUSTOMER: Finding, serving and keeping customers, guarantees our existence.

SERVICE:  We will provide quality service  that meets  or exceeds our customer’s requirement.

PROFIT:  To provide security  for our customers and employees. We must earn a profit.

SHARE: We will share with our employees fairly, based on their contribution to our prosperity.

GROWTH: We will seek growth and challenge for our company and employees.

SAFELY: We will  operate safely. We will not exchange the safety of an  employee or the public  for economic gain.

ENVIRONMENT: We will use our abilities and resources to protect the environment. We will be responsible citizens.

PRODUCTIVITY: Productivity improvement is the only  true way to increase earnings for our company and employees.

FUN: We will provide  a work environment that is enjoyable. We will select employees, vendors and customers that we can get along with and enjoy. We believe that life is too short not to have fun.